1)     “Lieutenant Dan” from Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movie characters of all time.

2)     And I’m kind of obsessed with Forrest Gump. And The Wizard of Oz. I dare you to challenge me with trivia from either film.

3)      I used to have a cat named “Hobo.” He was a fat cat with white paws and big yellow eyes like an owl. He died when I was 14.

4)      Anytime I travel by airplane I bring 7-8 books with me in my carry-on.

5)      You will regret being in a car with me if the Mama’s and the Papa’s, Elton John, or John Denver comes on the radio.

6)      I chew more gum than anyone you’ve ever met. I promise.

7)      Many of my favorite songs of all time are war protest songs of the 60s and 70s.

8)      I always have a Reeses peanut butter cup hidden somewhere for the perfect  moment of private consumption.

9)      I wish it was appropriate for a 23 year old to still read Richard Scary and Mercer Mayer.

10)  My grandmother’s maiden name was “Fudge.”

11)  I want a fox and a raccoon to live on my back porch someday.

12)  My father was a deep sea fisherman and a carpenter who started dating my mother when they were 12.

13)  My dad died a long time ago but I think he likes being in heaven ‘cause Jesus was a carpenter too and talks about fish a lot in the Bible. They’re probably good buddies.

14) I steal my husband’s socks because I am too lazy to buy my own.

15)  I played the tuba in junior high.

16)  I tried to play basketball too but I don’t really want to tell you how that ended.

17) When I was 20 I asked a bald guy from Chicago out for coffee. This is how that ended:

He's got me listening to and liking Justin Beiber. Lord help me.