Today I made a salad that I thought looked pretty. I took a picture of it.

That’s spring greens, cherry tomatoes, red onions and blue cheese drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette.  I paired it with a pizza bagel. I’m a bit obsessed with pizza bagels right now. I ate too many egg and cheese biscuits last week. I need more marinara sauce and mozzarella in my life.

That’s my burnt pizza bagel. I prefer them that way. And so does Copper the dog.

I love taking pictures of food. Food blogs are very popular and I admit I am a fan of more than a few. Many of these blogs are centered around health and fitness and “healthy living.” That’s cool. But that’s not who I am as a writer.

Food tells a story. Food has a language. It feeds and inspires. It helps tell stories and laugh.

And it upholds a truth that I cling to…that if happiness is sought in the small, basic, everyday details of life, you’ll find it.

Happiness in a pizza bagel? Yep.

I live in Southern California in case you’re wondering why I have a bikini top on in January.

Food colors a story and illustrates life so uniquely. It must be captured and celebrated for this.

The book “Eating Animals” in the photo above has changed my thinking toward vegetarianism. I am a vegetarian, by the way. I will write more about this choice at another time.

I love to write about food. It represents a delicate part of me, what I believe in and what makes me… me. And deliciously so.

I hope to do so eloquently. But I can’t promise I’m really all eloquent…

So it’s Sunday night and I’ve got a veggie pot pie in the oven. Because it’s Sunday and pot pies taste better on Sunday, methinks.

I listened to Simon and Garfunkel’s “Scarborough Fair” tonight as the sun sizzled and set at the end of a lazy, warm West Coast weekend. It was a beautiful affirmation. An affirmation of the good things that can be contained in a day that feels sleepy and unexceptional. Things like silly puppy dogs and sunsets and pretty salads.

Simple things that are sometimes the best things.

“Now is now. Then is then. And the future will be what the future will be. So enjoy the moment while you’re in it. Now is a great time.” – Robert De Niro.