I may still be in my PJ’s as I write this. I had to work from home due to car woes. This means I probably won’t get dressed until 3 p.m.

Today for lunch I ate baked beans and toast with butter.

Because as much as I pretend to be this cool Californian, I was still raised in the South for 15 years.

This reminded me of something my mom would have made me as a kid. There’s just something special about baked beans and buttered toast. It’s nothing fancy. I wouldn’t serve it to company. But it tastes like freedom to me. Freedom to eat whatever the heck I want for lunch and freedom to say “yeah, I’m from the South and I eat baked beans…”

If you don’t find my commentary on my lunch entertaining (completely understandable) than please…do yourself a huge favor and listen to this song. And while you listen, think about what you’d be eating if you were 8 years old back in your childhood home…you know, before the world got messy and confusing and ugly. Back when everything made sense.