My rainy Sunday in January turned out to be nice. For a couple of reasons…


Because I’m 23.

Because I’m too rebellious to always be good.

Because I like doughnuts.

Especially ones that suddenly “fell” into a baggy and into my purse after church from the “coffee and donuts” table. I didn’t want one at the time but had plans for this guy later.

In the afternoon I went for a 4 mile run in the soft, cool California rain with Copper the Dog. He’s quite the canine athlete. Except on Monday mornings when he sleeps in ’til 10 a.m. on the sofa like a frat boy. A furry, non – alcoholic, cute frat boy of course.

My husband David and I are living the frugal life right now.  With student loan debt, unexpected car repairs, and a traffic citation I neglected 10 days and $600.00 too late… we’ve got to lay low here in SoCal. And I have no apologies. Especially for eating that doughnut (told you I had plans for it).. and a bowl of Breyer’s ice cream right before dissolving away my pre-work week anxieties in this:

Oh yes. Ladies and gentlemen, in life there are fewer things as satisfying as a hot tub on a West Coast winter night.

Later, our house mates (yes, my hus and I live with another couple, we’re downstairs, they’re upstairs) and we poured a few drinks and played board games and ate “rubbish.” Like Kevin McCallister said so perfectly:

“Guys, I’m eating junk and watching rubbish! You better come out and stop me!”

Bless you, Kevin McCallister.

Back to the board games.

and rubbish…

The evening lulled me to it’s end as I bundled up in bed listening to Moby’s “Play” album.  I recommend  this be listened to alone, with candles and a bit of wine in your belly.

And for these things…a lazy Sunday, eating a fried cake doughnut with ice cream, and waxing poetic the warm feeling of wine in your soul as you I lie in bed with music…

I have no apologies.