Once upon a time, a newly married couple moved to Orange County, CA.

He was a fair skinned sports fanatic from Chicago who hadn’t eaten breakfast in seven years. He “just didn’t understand it.” Then he married a runner/ foodie who quickly changed that.

She’s a Northern born Italian, raised in the Southern swamplands of Florida. She would talk to beetles and spiders as a kid, eats a sweet potato everyday, and considers writing as essential to her existence as Oreos oxygen.

They have a bedroom in Orange, California. And in this bedroom there are many things.

There are normal things like books.

If you consider David Sedaris and Philip Roth normal, that is.

And then there are strange things like this:

A card with a picture of a cat reading a book.

And this:

A black binder from high school where the girl used to hand write stories and novels on notebook paper. Yes…novels. Handwritten. Of course these strange things would belong to the girl who once talked to crickets and spiders.

And then, there are things that lay strewn across the carpet by the Chi-town guy’s side of the bed.

A gargantuan set of headphones used late at night for making beats and watching documentaries about aliens and UFOs on his laptop. That book in the upper corner of the photo happens to be Jay Z’s “Decoded.”

According to this Orange County couple, if you read “Decoded” while listening to an early Jay – Z album, your mind will be elevated.

In the bathroom of their bedroom, a calender…belonging to the boy.

What better sight for sleepy eyes when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning?

The couple that inhabits this bedroom and bathroom don’t take life too seriously. Life’s too short to do that. At least that’s what he thinks.

She’s typically too busy doodling to care.

These ‘doodles’ are often created by the glow of a peculiar bedside lamp.

This lamp reminds the girl of an animated character from one of her favorite childhood movies “The Brave Little Toaster.”

It’s quite a stretch but this is the girl who can recite the entire “Wizard of Oz” movie script . What could we expect?

It was a second hand donation to an endearingly bald groom and his beautifully big-nosed bride.

Every evening when the girl comes home from work she finds the boy’s clothes thrown lazily on the floor.

Some of his nice dress shirts with tags still attached. She walks by and thinks “shame on him.”

But with a glance across the room, we’ll see an equally shameful thing.

A bag of dark chocolate M+M’s atop a book by Michael Pollan about ethical/ organic eating. Shame on you, Northern born Italian girl.

But perhaps she feels justified for her romance with candy coated chocolates. A curtain which drapes over her closet displays these:

Runner’s race bibs that display her bib number and ”nickname” from each race she’s completed.

In the Summer of 2010, the girl, the boy and his sister went camping in the Angeles National Forest. The girl was terrified as they set up camp in a misty, dark, half burnt down forest in the middle of the mountains. The husband said she needed an alter ego and a name for it. Something that she could take on as her own force of fear onto anything lurking in the darkness.

He chose “black widow” as her nickname. She had it put on her race bib for her first half marathon in Long Beach CA.

The girl thought about that adventurous, eerie night of camping in the mountains during the race. It pushed her through.

That’s the same runner who ran in the snow in Ohio and stopped to take pictures with a donkey.

And back to their bedroom we find more evidence of this.

The girl spent last Friday night eating leftover birthday cake from a work party, while listening to “Beach House” pandora and flipping through the latest J. Crew catalog.

Because there’s nothing better than that for a girl who has this picture hung over the bathroom mirror.

She gave this card to the boy because in her mind, this image captures what he looks like every morning when grumpily climbs into the shower.

One might say their love defies standards of “normalcy” and the matrimonial molds of routine and predictability. They don’t enjoy Saturday trips to Costco and buying unnecessary material things as their way of “spending time together.” They don’t enjoy predictability.  And they believe practicality dulls creativity.

But they love each other. And in their bedroom in Orange County, California you’ll find two crazy, weird, absurd and wildly imaginative lovers, with evidence to suggest…they are a fusion of normal and strange (mostly strange) that set them apart. That tells their story.

A story that lives on happily ever after. Happily and weirdly…ever after, of course.

A bedroom story.