1) Yesterday I doodled and drew this seahorse on the church bulletin during a sermon. I’m 23, by the way. David looked over and gave my seahorse a name. “Petey.”

2) This granola yields 8 servings. I can and have plowed through one box in four days. Woops.

3) I get really annoyed when people ask me “how the vegan thing is going” because I’m not vegan. I’m vegetarian. I’m more annoyed when I explain this and the reply is something like “Oh well…you know what I mean, they’re like the same thing.” No. No, they are not. Vegans don’t eat dairy. I devour it.

4) I’ve lived in California for a year and a half and had not yet eaten at In and Out until last night. I ordered their grilled cheese “animal style.” The prospect of ordering a sandwich “animal style” felt barbarian and wrong. I did it though. It was the best freaking grilled cheese ever.

5) I wear boy socks. This dates back to my growing up with two big brothers. I would steal their socks and wear them because I didn’t see the difference. Now I’m married and steal my husband’s socks. I wore these sexy things to bed last night…

6) I look forward to getting old. I plan to eat lots of  Entenmann’s coffee cake and watch the world and the birds through these bad boys.

7) I treated myself to dinner from Whole Foods hot bar on Saturday night. This container has been sitting on the dining table like this for two days. I keep eyeballing guiltily but kind of like the look of it. In other words, I’m lazy and I need to clean.

8 ) It gets really cold here in California at night. So I often wear blankets like an additional layer of clothing when I’m outside. And I take pictures of it for your viewing pleasure.

9) My best friend in Florida mailed found this book at an antique book store and mailed it to me for Valentine’s Day. She knows me well.

10) I believe red wine to be as necessary for a woman’s well being as a tube of mascara and a good man.